eBook Formatting Services 
Description: We will take a MS Word document (or other word-processing document) and format it for Smashwords' generic eBook style.  We will insert relative disclaimers, remove any formatting issues that may cause problems, hyperlink chapters as needed. This document should work immediately to get you into Smashwords' Premium Catalog, we will fix if it is not accepted to the catalog, free of charge.

Manuscript 1-100 pages: $50
Manuscript 101-200 pages: $95
Manuscript 201-300 pages: $140
Manuscript 301-400 pages $185
Manuscript 401-500 pages: $230
Manuscript 501-750 pages $275
Manuscript of 750+ pages $350

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Beta Reading Services
Description: We will take your manuscript and read it. We will make notes and comments about plot inconsistencies, story problems, and other issues that could affect the final product. Expect a forthright and honest assessment. We will look at your work in the same light a paying reader will look at it, and base our opinions on that. We provide no grammatical or structural editing with this service, we merely read and comment at what stops our eye.

Beta reading for a 1-250 page book: $75
Beta reading for a 250-500 page book $140
Beta reading for a 500+ page book $200

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Limited Editing Services: 
Description: We will peruse your manuscript for obvious grammatical errors, inconsistencies and problems. You will receive a document in return with track changes and comments. We will do two reviews, the primary review, which will be returned to the author for changes, and then the review of the document with the changes.  This can also be coupled with the Beta Reading service for an additional fee of $50.

The cost is 1¢ per word for a limited copy edit. Add $50 if you would like a story-assessment as well.

You will be invoiced for the amount based on the number of words in your manuscript. Use the contact form in the margin to request services.

For book cover creation, cover copy and other services, please contact us.

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