Thursday, May 1, 2014

eBook formatting ain't no fun.

We get it. It's a drag. And struggling to meet the requirements for Kindle, for Nook, for Smashwords' Premium catalog isn't easy. We know. We're all indie authors and we've been there. So much so, we've gotten pretty damned good at it. The great thing about preparing your document for Smashwords' Premium catalog is that it is a generic format that can be molded to fit pretty much any format, from Kindle to Nook, Sony to Android and iTunes. We can help you prep your book for eBook, and we can help you prep your book for hard-copy (CreateSpace, Lulu, etc.) and save you a lot of money.  We can help you create covers and more. Just contact us and ask!

Independent publishing is a growing industry, and you have to have a good product to be competitive. It's not okay to present a potential reader with fonts that are all over the place, random page breaks, weird paragraph issues and unprofessional looking copy.  People are paying for your product so you need to invest in it to make it worth the money you are asking.  So be bold and seek out the input you need to make your product clean and professional.